Sustainability at Accso

Making the world a better place with software

We take responsibility in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Many of our customer projects are already demonstrating what we do best: doing good with software.
SDG Würfel gestapelt von Sofia im Accso-Büro

    We live responsibility and we live sustainability

    Making a sustainable contribution to people and the environment is important to us. We support experts in advancing their sustainable business areas with customized software. And that makes us proud.

    Because software can make a big difference. As Accsonauts, we therefore see it as our responsibility to make the world a better place with software. That is why we have decided to align our core business with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We do this in the spirit of the Ikigai - the sweet spot or the feeling of doing something meaningful that makes our work worthwhile.

    The sweet spot is the center of the following premises:

    • We do what we do best: develop complex software products.
    • We get paid for it. This means we do good and can make a living from it.
    • We do what we are passionate about: for us, this is "software for a better world".
    The Sweet Spot of Working Balance at Accso

    Our mid-term goal is to implement more and more sustainable projects over the next few years. Whether in the public sector, health or mobility: we are already making a contribution, thanks to innovative software solutions, in line with our CSR. In other words, our social responsibility as a company, in the spirit of sustainability.

    Jürgen Artmann Raute Zitat Accso
    "When deciding on our software projects, we continue to focus on the 17 SDGs of the United Nations."Jürgen Artmann, Co-Founder
    Jürgen Artmann Raute Zitat Accso

    What sustainability means at Accso

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    Our sustainability goals

    We want to align ourselves with the UN's 17 SDGs in line with our sustainability goals. That's why we focus on topics where we can make a real contribution - both within the team and in our customer projects for society as a whole.

    10 SDGs that we already support

    Voices from the CSR network

    Thore Zitat Raute Accso
    "I am pleased to be able to contribute to shifting more freight transport to rail by working on projects for our customer DB Cargo, thereby supporting SDG 13 "Climate Action"."Thore Kleinschmidt
    Thore Zitat Raute Accso

    Our CSR-Network

    To ensure that we as Accso pursue these self-imposed goals to the extent that we set ourselves, we monitor ourselves: Our CSR network drives efforts internally and externally, acts as a point of contact and keeps an eye on what we are doing as a company. To this end, we have drawn up our own guidelines and defined topics that we focus on.

    Sustainability is relevant for us both in customer projects and within the team. As part of our sustainability efforts, other campaigns such as Ackerhelden and the Accso bees have emerged. Other groups pursue social goals and promote topics such as equal rights or employee health at Accso. Our CSR measures therefore cover a wide range of topics - they are constantly being expanded by our entire team and communicated internally at all levels.

    Examples of sustainable projects that we have already realized

    Honig in bunten Gläsern von den Accso Bienen

    Our own bee colony provides delicious Accso honey.

    Green IT Impact Festival 2022 bei Accso
    Green IT

    We are driving forward the topic of sustainable software development.

    Frauen bei Accso
    Support for women

    We support women in IT and are committed to equal rights.

    Fünf Accsonaut:innen sitzen im Innenhof des Darmstädter Accso Büros vor der Diversity Flagge

    We have signed the Diversity Charter and live diversity.

    Ackerhelden Simon, Rabea und Anita mit der Ernte von 2023 Accso
    Farming heroes

    We have grown our own vegetables in our own vegetable garden in recent years.

    academyA Podcasts

    As part of academy.A, we provide high-quality IT knowledge content for free.

    Sustainability guidelines at Accso

    We take sustainability seriously. That is why we set ourselves goals and framework conditions in the form of our Accso sustainability guidelines.

    We are convinced that meaning in action is what drives people. We want to make a contribution that is sustainably good for people and the environment. The positive effects of aligning our work with the SDGs are as follows:

    • Our software products have a direct impact on the goals of our clientele as well as on the target group of our clients and thus directly and indirectly on the SDGs.
    • This also has a strong impact on our team. We are enthusiastic about our projects because the meaningfulness of what we do increases with every project that also makes a contribution to the SDGs.
    • This goal is also becoming increasingly popular on the job market. We are therefore very popular and are growing faster than the industry average.

    Our success stories: Sustainable projects that inspire us

    We already have a whole range of projects that contribute to the SDGs in different ways. With our software, we are helping to save lives, reduce CO2 emissions, support socially disadvantaged families and turn cities into green cities. Our goal for the future is to further increase the proportion of these projects in the company in order to live up to our resolution "Software for a better world".