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We accompany you on your journey to the cloud – from consulting to conception to implementation. The result: future-proof and competitive systems in your company.
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    Future-Proof and Competitive with the Cloud

    For many companies, cloud platforms are the first choice for the new development or modernization of differentiating and competition-critical applications. The reason for this is the outstanding properties of cloud computing, which help companies to ensure long-term competitiveness even in fast-moving industries and business areas.

    Are you facing challenges in the following areas? Then cloud is a solution!

    • Applications used worldwide
    • Lengthy ordering or provisioning processes for hardware
    • High performance at peak loads
    • Stability of the systems
    • Security of the systems
    • Data protection
    • Sustainability
    Benjamin Rank Zitat
    "In order to take full advantage of the cloud, the applications must be programmed and operated according to the requirements of the cloud providers. We call this cloud-native."Benjamin RankPrincipal
    Benjamin Rank Zitat

    Cloud, but the Right Way

    The use of cloud platforms is now a matter of course for many companies due to the immense benefits they offer. However, one question often remains unanswered: How do I do it right?

    At Accso, we are enthusiastic about the many possibilities that the cloud offers our customers. As is so often the case, there is no single solution for all challenges. Personal preferences, existing infrastructure and regulations such as data protection provisions also influence the choice of platform. This is why we work intensively with various providers and have technological expertise in all common cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Plattform, Microsoft Azure or IONOS SE.

    Our certified experts offer extensive experience in the design and implementation of large, business-critical IT systems. We develop solid, durable and future-proof software architectures tailored to our customers' needs.

    Our Offer at a Glance

    If you are starting a new project, we will plan the features of the application that are necessary for the cloud when designing the architecture. We have samples, blueprints and landing zones that enable rapid implementation. Our templates meet the best practices of the respective providers as well as IT security requirements from the BSI baseline protection. We adapt the templates individually to the needs of your infrastructure.

    Whether Lift and Shift, Refactor or Replatform - we guide you into the cloud.

    The Right Cloud for Every Project

    Amazon Web Services (AWS)Reliable and flexible

    As the market leader, AWS probably offers the most comprehensive range of services. This, its global reach and continuous innovation make AWS the first choice for companies looking for scalable, reliable and customizable cloud solutions.

    AWS was the first cloud platform to be used at Accso. We now have many years of experience and numerous successfully completed projects with well-known customers such as Deutsche Bahn.

    Microsoft AzureWide range of services

    The wide range of services, global reach and continuous innovation make AWS the first choice for companies looking for scalable, reliable and customizable cloud solutions. The integration of other Microsoft products such as Microsoft 365, Office products or Windows is particularly advantageous if you already use these products. The seamless integration of local services and Microsoft products is thus ensured, not least by Azure Arc.

    Microsoft also offers many tools and libraries for integrating its programming languages into Azure. With Azure DevOps, Microsoft provides a platform that virtually replaces many products such as Jira, Confluence, Gitlab/Github (repository and build pipelines). This makes it much easier to get started in the cloud, even if the range of functions of the individual products has to be compromised.

    Google Cloud Platform (GCP)Efficient, scalable, secure

    Google Cloud is much more specialized than other providers, which is also reflected in the number of services offered. Each of these offers very good performance.

    IONOS SESimplicity, affordability, compliance

    The focus on simplicity, affordability and compliance makes IONOS Cloud the first choice, especially for small and medium-sized businesses that need straightforward cloud solutions with a focus on European data protection.

    We'll walk the path to the cloud with you. Tell us about your project.