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Do you have questions about your application, your start at Accso or about us as a team? Then take a look at our most frequently asked questions, perhaps it’s already answered here.
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Frequently asked questions about Accso

What application documents do you need?Only the bare essentials

A current CV, your academic transcripts and work references are sufficient for your application. If anything is missing, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Of course, we would be happy to receive a few personal sentences about your motivation to become an Accsonaut. But you can also apply without a cover letter. As you like.

How high is the home office share?Work when and where you want

You design your home office share individually. This results in a relaxed, hybrid working model. We like to work remotely and occasionally on site at the customer's premises. However, the majority of our projects are remote projects. On-site work can vary depending on the customer and the specific project role. With regard to on-site appointments, you simply coordinate with your team. There are therefore no requirements for on-site presence and no fixed home office share.

What about further training?You are entitled to 12 training days per year

You receive a quota of 12 training days per year for your personal development. Whether and how you make use of this is up to you. You can choose from various areas (IT, methodology, soft skills, leadership, etc.) and formats (internal training, external training, conferences, etc.). You will be supported in your individual development by your HR manager.

Can I work part-time for you?You can choose your own scope of work

Yes, you can. Please express this wish in your application documents or during the interview. We will then be happy to check the relevant options in consultation with our projects and team leaders. You can reduce or increase your working hours at any time.

What hardware can I get?You choose your own work equipment

You can answer this question before your first day at work. You can choose your own smartphone, laptop and accessories because it's much easier to work/program with your preferred hardware.

Some clients may provide you with a separate laptop for the duration of your project assignment

Do I have to travel a lot?Your day-to-day work could look like this

Our customers are generally located close to our sites. In combination with our hybrid working model, this means that the amount of travel is rather low. This can vary depending on the role and project.

Do I work on the customer's premises?It depends on your project

Your place of work is primarily hybrid. On certain dates, you may be on site at the customer's premises. However, you will not have to travel far. Our customers are usually located near our sites.

Do you have questions about your application or would you like more information? Please get in touch with Adam Wayland.

Adam Wayland

Partner and Managing Director
Your contact for HR and Business Development
Adam Wayland Raute