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We are convinced that research and teaching at colleges and universities provide indispensable value for good software engineering in practice. In turn, our practical experience helps in academic institutions.
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ASIP Marion
Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Effective Agile Software Projects in Industrial Practice (ASIP)

The learning objective of this course is a solid understanding of the application of software engineering methods in industrial practice with a focus on the aspects of agility, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

Lehrveranstaltung RAP 5
Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Reference Architecture and Patterns (RAP)

In this course, students will acquire the skills to design industry-standard business information systems at medium and large scale. They will learn how to design components and interfaces according to proven design principles using object/relationship mappings.

Lehrveranstaltung SOA
Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

In this course, students will acquire skills to operate successfully in the world of enterprise and IT architecture. This includes the ability to analyze the structure of a company and to understand the complex architectures of IT application environments.

ASIP Klausur
Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Business Process Engineering (BPE)

This practical course teaches the basics of business process engineering, including the distinction between function-oriented and process-oriented companies. Students learn about notation languages such as BPMN, DMN, CMMN and Petri nets and how to model business processes.

Lehrveranstaltung SI
University BonnRheinSieg


Students will carry out a realistic IT application project (case study) from requirements analysis to modeling and implementation, gaining knowledge of modern integration technologies, gaining practical experience with established open source software in this area and practicing working in a team.

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University Cologne

Capstone Project Information Systems

In this course, theoretical and practical approaches to the development of information systems are presented, worked out independently by the students and deepened in practice. The starting point is the development of integrated information systems, the practices and techniques of software engineering, functional and IT conceptual design and specification of information systems.

Talent development


The Accso Scholarship

Active research, commitment and sponsored talent also ensure a future worth living in computer science. For us, the goal is "software for a better world". That is why we invest in high-quality education through scholarships and free access to knowledge. Together with the Deutschlandstipendium and TU Darmstadt, we support talented students in successfully completing their studies every year. In doing so, we not only attach importance to material support, but also to non-material support. The scholarship holders should be able to benefit from our know-how and our networks. This initiative is recognized by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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Theses (Bachelor/Master)

In more than ten years, Accso has supervised over 50 scientific theses in the Computer Science Bachelor's and Master's degree programs. In addition to the primary goal of a successful degree, gaining new insights and gaining an insight into the IT industry is also of great importance. The fact that the content is particularly worth reading has been confirmed several times - from numerous degrees with top marks to nominations for special awards and publications in specialist journals. The topics range from artificial intelligence, human-robot interactions, cloud architectures, deep reinforcement learning, process modeling, agile requirements analysis and much more. Often with a gain in knowledge in the form of best practices.


Modern teaching formats

With our free knowledge channel academy.A, we provide comprehensive instructional videos, podcasts and training modules for anyone interested in software engineering and IT.

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