Being part of Accso

Our strength is our team

Software engineering is more than a job – it's our passion. As Accsonauts, we enjoy tinkering with creative solutions, mastering tricky tasks and supporting our customers as competent contacts throughout the entire software life-cycle. Our way of working is characterized bysupport, mutual respect and appreciation – everyone pulls together.
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    Be a digital partner

    We love what we do

    Customized software development is our passion. As a digital partner, we specialize in sophisticated, individual IT solutions. As an Accsonaut, you contribute to making the world a little better. Our software solutions are both unique and sustainable.

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    "What I particularly like about project work is that you can always do something new and it never gets boring. Whether it's the technology you work with or the technical aspects."Rabea Sennlaub
    Foto von Rabea Sennlaub von Accso
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    Together we change

    Success is a team effort

    With us you will work in a first-class team and a working culture in which you can be who you are. Different industries, different customers, different technologies - but one thing always remains the same: at Accso, the focus is on YOU as a person.

    Employee satisfaction is just as important to us as customer satisfaction. Family-friendly structures and a hybrid working model give you the flexibility you need to achieve the best possible work-life balance.

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    Learn more about our communities and networks

    You can work on exciting projects for customers and also make a difference internally by contributing your ideas. 

    ML, Industry 4.0 or would you prefer the cloud? There are currently 13 different communities in which you can get involved.

    In addition to tech topics, get involved in our networks for sustainability or equality

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    Accso means variety

    Projects at Accso are as diverse as we are. From promoting renewable energy and optimizing freight transport to accelerating organ donation. 

    This diversity is also reflected in the team: a variety of languages are represented, from Arabic, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Danish, Italian to Polish. This is also reflected in the programming languages used: C#, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Python and many more.

    Variety is our daily business

    Curious? Find out everything you need to know about our application process, what we expect from you and what you can look forward to.

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    Adam Wayland

    Partner and Managing Director
    Your contact for HR and Business Development
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