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Would you like to join the Accso team and develop sophisticated, sustainable software with us? Find out what you can look forward to as an Accsonaut and how our recruitment process works.
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    Want to become an Accsonaut?

    First things first: you will fit in if you're curious, enjoy working in a dynamic team on exciting software solutions, enjoy variety, shaping things and taking on responsibility.

    For us, it's less important that you fulfill the job requirements 100% - what counts is that you enrich Accso with your talents, your knowledge, your personality and that we grow together as a team.

    Accso Cape Town Team

    Your way to Accso

    As you've probably noticed: Individuality is important to us. Especially in the application process. Nevertheless, we are happy to give you a rough idea of how your application to Accso might go. We will decide whether there will be one, two or three interviews in the end during the process – completely customized.

    Benefits that you can look forward to

    Project and technology diversityLook forward to exciting projects in various industries

    As an Accsonaut, you always want to discover new things and love variety. Not only with our customers, who operate in a wide range of industries, but also with the technologies we use. Every project is different. Variety is therefore inevitable and you will always learn something new.

    Cultural Well-beingAlways on an equal footing

    You can look forward to a working culture in which appreciation, openness and fairness are emphasised and truly lived. 

    Fun fact: Our managing directors don't have their own offices, or even their own desks.

    We are all different, but everyone is treated equally. We always treat each other as equals with respect and appreciation, even in tricky situations. No matter what title is on the business card. Feedback is always welcome in all directions.

    Family-friendly working hoursWork when and where you want

    Trust is one of our core values. Accordingly, you are flexible in all matters so that you can combine your private and professional life.

    In concrete terms, this means that you are completely free to decide when and where you work within Germany. There is also a "workation" model so that you can occasionally work abroad.

    You can change your working model if necessary, e.g. from full-time to part-time. It is also possible to top up or reduce your hours.

    12 training days per yearTake what you need

    You have 12 training days per year, which you can organise individually.

    Soft skills, methodology, IT, leadership and another language course? You decide for yourself in which areas you would like to develop and select suitable formats.

    Whether internal training, external training, conferences, coaching or self-study - there are no limits to your development.

    Communities & NetworksMore than project work

    Although project work at Accso is exciting enough in itself, we give you even more opportunities to get involved and learn from others. 

    In the so-called communities, you can work on various topics independently of your customer project, contribute your expertise and exchange ideas with like-minded people.

    Choose your interest groups from 13 communities, from Java, .NET, Cloud to Industry 4.0 or Machine Learning, or join a network. In the networks, you can contribute to topics such as diversity, the advancement of women or sustainability at Accso.

    Modern equipmentWork in a modern environment

    Did you know that the majority of our offices were furnished by Accsonauts? By developers for developers, so to speak. 

    In addition to height-adjustable desks, sufficient space, creative rooms, retreats and fully functional kitchens, you can expect an open and personal atmosphere. At all our locations. In Cape Town, there is even a large roof terrace with a view of the harbour.

    You can choose your smartphone, laptop and whatever else you need to work before you start. All state-of-the-art, of course.

    Celebrate togetherSuccesses are celebrated at Accso! Join in!

    Whether it's a beer after work, a games evening, a summer party or an after-work barbecue - we enjoy spending time together, both remotely and on site.

    Twice a year, all Accsonauts from all locations come together, live and in colour. At the summer party, which always takes place at a different location, children and partners are also very welcome. Once a year, we even organise our own convention - the "AccsoCon".

    Here, too, the focus is clearly on socialising and getting together.

    Health, wellbeing and moreWhat else you can look forward to

    The physical and mental health of our employees is important to us. That's why we have created a wide range of health programmes to support them in a variety of ways.

    For example, you can attend a preventive check-up for VDU workstations, refresh your flu vaccination or take part in our Auntie mental health programme.

    We also offer you a company pension scheme, a childcare allowance for daycare centres, crèches, after-school care or childminders and other benefits such as a job bike.

    Welcome Days

    Your start at Accso

    Your onboarding starts as soon as you sign your contract. On your first day at work, you will be welcomed by your LM (that's what we call your line manager). You will discuss your induction together and get to know your team. During your onboarding, you will take part in the Welcome Days, meet other Accsonauts and get a deep dive into Accso's philosophy and work culture. Your buddy will also be available to answer your questions during the induction period.

    Schulung in Frankfurt mit Team Sirius und Wulf Oberschulte im OpenSpace bei Accso

    Continue your journey

    Every employee is unique. That's why you can choose an individual development path at Accso. You can choose to develop into different roles - Software Engineer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, IT Consultant, Software Architect Scrum Master - further your technological education, train soft skills and/or pursue a management career, at your own pace.

    You have 12 training days available to you each year. Cool, right?

    Adam Wayland

    Partner and Managing Director
    Your contact for HR and Business Development
    Adam Wayland Raute