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Internet of Things

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With its efficient way of collecting, exchanging and processing data, IoT (Internet of Things) offers enormous opportunities for companies. The aim of IoT is to create a more connected world in which devices and systems can communicate seamlessly with each other. The result: more automation, efficiency, convenience, transparency and improvements in various areas of life and industry.

Our experts at Accso can help you take advantage of these benefits! Is your company ready for IoT?

Optimize, Control, Manage: IoT

For our customers, we use the Internet of Things to implement systems that drive forward the automation of devices and machines and their networking with each other.

Using sensors, software and other technologies, we enable you to collect and exchange data. This data can then be analyzed to gain insights, automate processes and improve efficiency and decision-making in your company.

Manuel Zitat
"Only with IoT does a gearbox of hardware and software components run smoothly, even if the gears are not next to each other. IoT links real and virtual worlds into a coherent gearbox, even over long distances!"Manuel SchreinerPrincipal and Head of Embedded Systems
Manuel Zitat

IoT with Accso

RFIDEverything in sight with Track & Trace

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. This technology is used in battery-free electronic tags and labels that contain electronically stored information. Such data can be read over a distance of 10 meters without visual contact. This enables the unique identification and tracking of objects in the process.

Together with our partner HellermannTyton, we offer you complete RFID solutions. HellermannTyton supplies the tags, we take care of the integration.

Smart ServicesSystem networking of production

sMachineWith Smart Services, we help you to drive forward the system networking of production with your customers. This provides you with intelligently prepared machine data that is available at any time and anywhere in the production chain.

Accso Smart Services can be individually combined and enable the provision of data that is tailored to your needs. One example of this is our sMachine platform.

Predictive MaintenanceIoT and Big Data

Predictive maintenance solutions from Accso enable you to perform predictive maintenance on machines in order to predict malfunctions and avoid breakdowns. To do this, we use sensors that record measured values and other machine-relevant data. Our experts ensure that the resulting amount of data is processed and analyzed efficiently in order to ultimately make reliable predictions for predictive maintenance.

Multi-Agent SystemsFlexibility and dynamics

Multi-agent systems (M.A.S.) consist of several intelligent agents. In this case, intelligent means that the various agents know which activities they can perform and work together in a defined context to complete a task. M.A.S. enable enormous flexibility and dynamic processes within companies and factories. With our modular system, we deliver solutions tailored to your needs - from communication to hardware to the cloud, for entire company divisions or just individual processes.

Embedded SystemsHardware-oriented and highly integrated

Embedded systems deal with a very hardware-related and highly integrated form of "computer" that is integrated in a technical context. A computer can be a programmable microcontroller (MCU), but also a central processing unit (CPU) with an operating system. In contrast to server or desktop environments, embedded systems are always closely linked to a specific application, are often highly optimized for this application, run with low power consumption and are designed for real-time operation.

Our embedded systems specialists have many years of experience in customer projects. Embedded scales from pure C/C++ development in the MCU area to Linux driver & software development and virtualization in Docker containers on ARM Cortex A CPUs. The team consists of electrical engineers, software developers, consultants, architects and application engineers.

Smart CitiesData science, machine learning and IoT for intelligent cities
The targeted collection, processing and analysis of data can optimize a wide range of processes in cities. In addition, this is what makes a wide range of services in municipal administration possible in the first place.

Based on environmental and traffic data, for example, cities can introduce AI-supported, environmentally sensitive traffic management with improved traffic flow and lower-emission mobility. Employees and citizens alike benefit from greater transparency about what is happening in the city.

Our experts support you in the development and implementation of such systems: Data collection, analysis, sensor technology and integration into IoT platforms, the connection of existing data platforms and sources, as well as making them usable for all stakeholders.

Partnerships for the Success of Our Customers

Helena Unger Zitat
"With our IoT solutions, we support our customers in bringing the virtual world together with the real world. Sensors, data, software and hardware - we have experts or special partners for all areas."Dr. Helena UngerPartner, Head of Smart Solutions
Helena Unger Zitat

Drive automation and networking in your company with Accso and modern IoT technologies.