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Knowledge is the driver of innovation and the basis of success. It is therefore an essential part of our work at Accso.
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Knowledge from practice into society

Accso takes the issue of promoting education and the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) "Quality Education" seriously. After all, we all benefit from professional exchange, knowledge transfer and the promotion of young talent. That's why we share our knowledge. In collaboration with colleges and universities, in training courses and lectures, but also through white papers, articles and podcasts.


With our free knowledge channel academy.A, we provide comprehensive instructional videos, podcasts and training modules for anyone interested in software engineering and IT. In addition to a large video portfolio in German, we are working on a growing English offering.

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Research & Education

We are convinced that research and teaching at colleges and universities provide indispensable value for good software engineering in practice. In turn, our practical experience helps in academic institutions.