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Communities are an important part of Accso's DNA. Here, passionate protagonists help shape the future of Accso.
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The Community Network

An Accso community is a network of employees who are interested in the same subject area and want to drive these topics forward at Accso. This creates a competence center from the community of interested parties, which lays the foundation for future applications of technologies and methodologies at Accso. These competence centers are an important resource for us to successfully implement projects.

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Community Means Diversity

The diversity of topics in software development is reflected in the focus of the Accso communities. In addition to classic software development topics such as Java, .NET and architecture, there are also communities that deal with topics such as Industry 4.0, Data Science & Machine Learning or DevOps. At Accso, we thrive on these diverse communities, which together form AccsoNet - an important basis for our technological training.

"AccsoNet is our passion. These are the networks at Accso in which everyone can participate and everyone can shape."Stefan JacobsHead of AccsoNet

Our Communities at Accso

Gruppenfoto der 12 Mitglieder der .NET-Community bei Accso.

.NET & Azure Community

As a .NET community, we are passionate about all topics in the Microsoft environment. We enjoy programming in C#, working in the .NET stack and building our applications in Microsoft Azure infrastructures. Automation and code management with Azure DevOps completes our range of topics.

Die 18 Mitglieder der Architektur-Community bei Accso.

Architecture Community

Software architecture is one of our absolute core competencies and a central component of all our projects.

Gruppenfoto mit 15 Mitgliederen der Cloud-Community bei Accso

Cloud Community

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and IONOS SE - the core topics of our cloud community. From migration and the efficient use of cloud services to automation, the community members are on hand to support customers and the team with their expertise.

Die Data Science und Machine Learning Community von Accso

Community Data Science & Machine Lerning

As a community for Data Science (DS) & Machine Learning (ML), we bring together Accsonauts who are enthusiastic about data and the insights gained from it.

Gruppenfoto mit 6 Mitgliedern der Community Digital Process Autmation bei Accso

DPA Community

A community for all disciplines

Java Community Gruppenfoto

Java Community

Java is developing faster than ever before - as a language, but especially as a platform. Java is characterized by an extensive ecosystem. As a community, we maintain an overview and are familiar with the latest developments.

2024 About Projektmanagement Community

Project Management Community

Successfully planning and coordinating projects

Test Community Accso

Test Community

In today's IT world, quality is the key to success. At Accso, we understand this and we are proud to be a testing community committed to high quality software and testing.

Any further questions about AccsoNet or our communities? Then get in touch with us!