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Software Architecture

Software architecture is one of our absolute core competencies. As an integral part of all our projects, it forms the basis for quality and sustainability.
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The architecture of a software system determines its quality and sustainability. It lays the foundation for the stable and scalable provision of digital solutions, for maintainability and flexible expandability. It enables easy integration and cost-efficient operation. With the digital transformation and the move towards cloud-native applications, microservices, containerization and DevOps, these aspects are more important than ever and must be considered and actively shaped at an early stage. For us, this is the core task of good software architecture.

Effective andAppropriate Architectures for Your Success

At Accso, we are enthusiastic architects and love innovative technologies, but we know that effectiveness and appropriateness are central to our clients' success. That's why we practice architecture with a sense of proportion and take a very close look at which issues are really important. Because they influence costs, schedule or quality, because they increase or reduce risks and because they are difficult to change. We consciously take sufficient time to understand the quality requirements and framework conditions of our clients and make our designs and proposed solutions transparent and comprehensible at all times.

Kraus Florian Zitat
"Good software architecture is an investment in the quality, sustainability and cost-effectiveness of your IT systems. Careful design of the architecture will therefore also pay off in the future."Florian KrausPartner
Kraus Florian Zitat

Development, Modernization and Integration – Architecture at Accso

Our customers entrust us with their business-critical IT systems in order to rebuild, modernize and integrate them. Our architectural expertise is the reliable basis on which we jointly make and implement forward-looking and sustainable decisions.

DevelopmentCustomized digital solutions for your business

When you entrust us with the implementation of your individual digital solution, the focus is always on the architectural work. Together with you and using domain-driven design methods, we create suitable functional interfaces and an architectural vision. At the same time, we identify potential for process automation. IT security and data protection are constant companions in solution design by means of security-by-design. We rely on modular, decentralized architecture styles such as microservices and event-driven architectures to reduce dependencies and make applications flexible, stable and manageable. From the outset, we think about the operation of IT applications in terms of DevOps and rely on consistent containerization, cloud-native development and end-to-end infrastructure automation.

Our architects design sustainable digital solutions that inspire and meet your high quality standards.

IntegrationFlexibility in your IT application landscape

New digital solutions are rarely created "from scratch", but must be integrated into existing, heterogeneous IT system landscapes with a variety of interface technologies. Increasingly, these are also hybrid scenarios with cloud and on-premise components, which poses particular challenges in terms of integration. There is also often a requirement to make IT services available to the public as APIs in emerging digital ecosystems or data as open data.

Our architects always see themselves as integrators and use modern integration approaches such as data streaming and integration platforms such as Kafka to ensure that your digital solution can use and provide the right data at the right time.

ModernizationThe basis for your digital transformation

IT modernization is one of the most important investment topics in the coming years and a necessary basis for a successful digital transformation. Many of our customers face the same major challenge: the dynamic pace of change and the pressure to innovate brought about by digitalization are often accompanied by a modernization backlog in the IT landscape that has been building up for years. Modern, flexible, open, user-centered services and existing IT applications do not come together.

We help you to resolve this situation and make your IT landscape fit for the future. But you won't get any simple or blanket answers from us. Because that doesn't work. Our experience shows us that modernization is only successful and sustainable if short-term operational and long-term strategic requirements are continuously balanced.

On your individual modernization path, our architects will pick you up where you are, design future-proof architectures and modernization strategies and accompany you from implementation to the finish line.

AssessmentInventory and evaluation of IT systems & application landscapes

Are you unable to assess the condition of individual IT systems or your IT application landscape? You don't know where to start fixing problems? We can support you with a structured inventory and assessment!

We survey and map the architecture of your IT systems in the frontend and backend - and if necessary also the software development, delivery and operating processes - using structured procedures. We evaluate them in a health check using proven quality criteria and identify weaknesses, hot spots, risks, complexity and cost drivers. This provides you with an initial overview of the status of your IT landscape and the urgent need for action with little effort.

Our experienced architects will also provide you with well-founded, concrete and realistic proposals for measures and their prioritization, for example as a basis for a subsequent modernization project.

Talk to us about your path to durable and flexible systems.