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The automation of business processes is an essential foundation for a successful digital transformation.

Process Automation – the Basis for Your Digitalization

As part of the digital transformation, companies are faced with the challenge of not only digitizing their business processes, but increasingly automating them completely. This is because such automation promises a wide range of benefits, such as faster processing with optimized use of resources. It is also possible to react more quickly to changes in the market, which can give digitized companies enormous competitive advantages. This is supported by the increased process quality, high transparency of processes and optimized operation of digitalized applications.

Every digitalization project is different and requires an in-depth understanding of the underlying business processes and the IT landscape in your company. Building on this, you can successfully implement your customized digital products.

Digitalization and Process Automation with Accso

How do we get there?

This is precisely the question we address together with you. Thanks to our many years of project experience in the field of process automation, we have a deep understanding of your digital transformation challenges, work with proven methods and look at different solution approaches. Our experts at Accso offer you the ideal combination of professional and technical know-how. As your digital partner, we take a holistic approach to your process project.

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Accso is Camunda Silver Partner

As a Camunda-Partner, Accso offers you a customized solution based on Camunda 7 or 8, which ideally combines the advantages of individual development with those of standard software. This gives business and IT sufficient flexibility to design processes and at the same time a proven toolbox for optimal operation. Whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Process automation often means a paradigm shift, both in terms of the business model and the IT architecture. The best way to gain initial experience with this is through a pilot project in which we work with you to implement a sample process with Camunda. Get in touch with us!

From Analysis and Optimization to Implementation

Process Analysis and DesignIdentify and record processes

You can only automate what you know. Identifying and defining the necessary requirements and associated processes is work. We know this, which is why we support you from the very first minute of the project. With the help of interviews, workshops and job shadowing, we gather all the necessary information and data from the specialist departments and IT together with you. We ensure the high quality of the results through short analysis and feedback cycles.

Process OptimizationFaster, better, more secure

The automation of an analogue process always offers the opportunity for optimization. The technical implementation should therefore not simply be a one-to-one copy of the existing process. We identify superfluous steps, change sequences and parallelize where possible. At the same time, when modelling the processes, we make sure that key metrics and key figures are available later as a data basis for operational monitoring and continuous process optimization.

Optimization is an iterative process. This is because everyone involved continuously gains new insights over the course of a project. These can help to formulate the goal of automation more and more precisely.

Process ImplementationBring processes to life

Whether it's a new development, the migration of an existing application or the introduction of a company-wide automation platform for your business processes: We take care of it! We rely on proven software engineering that incorporates your internal know-how.

Decision ManagementMaking decisions efficiently

The automation of decisions offers great potential for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, especially in combination with AI-based methods. Using a step-by-step approach, we help you to extract the knowledge from your current processes, transfer it into an automatable set of rules and then optionally train AI algorithms with it.

IntegrationA seamless overall look

A successful automation project has all the necessary degrees of freedom when integrating both your legacy systems and modern architecture concepts such as cloud and microservices. It should also function reliably within existing structures and fit seamlessly into the overall picture. In this way, we ensure that objectives are aligned and synergies are exploited.

EvaluationEnsuring future readiness

Do you want to get an objective overview of the future viability of the automation platform you are currently using? We offer quick checks and comprehensive architecture reviews and support you with realignment and migration.

Automation with Machine Learning

The focus of digitalization is on the automation of activities and decisions. The use of machine learning is particularly worthwhile here.

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