The founding idea

Creating a place where people feel comfortable.

Accso was founded in 2010 by Jürgen Artmann and Markus Voß and today has more than 270 employees at five locations: Darmstadt (headquarters), Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Munich and Cape Town.
Accso Jürgen Artmann und Prof Dr Markus Voß

The Accso spirit

Values are the guiding stars of our actions. Living our values makes our vision real - the vision of a highly professional and at the same time human technology company with a special "spirit". That is Accso.

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Guardian of the triangle

Right from the start, Accso set itself 3 goals: Goal 1: Customer satisfaction, Goal 1: Employee satisfaction, Goal 3: Profitability

Yes, you read that right: There is no second goal, only 2 first and 1 third. We do everything we can to maintain a real balance between employee and customer satisfaction. These goals are often in conflict. We then work together to find a solution that satisfies customers and employees alike. And, of course, profitability is not entirely unimportant. Because only those who operate successfully can hold their own in a global world.

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Adam Wayland

Partner and Managing Director
Your contact for HR and Business Development
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