Our southern German location

Accso in Munich

Hello, Munich! There is also an Accso branch in the Bavarian capital. We have been based in Balanstraße since 2014 and work in the Kaminzimmer or OpenSpace.
Außenaufnahme Accso MUC
Münchner Accsonautinnen auf dem Oktoberfest
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Digital partner near the Alps

Accso is based in Munich in southern Germany. As is customary in Munich, we always welcome new employees with a Bavarian veal sausage breakfast. We also meet once a month to grow together as part of "Eat, Learn, Grow": everyone has the opportunity to present a topic of their choice to the rest of the team once a month.


Balanstraße 55, München, 81541, Bayern, Bayern, Deutschland

Dr. Roland Axelsson

Your contact and branch manager at the Munich location
Dr. Roland Axelsson freigestellt