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German Organ Procurement Organization (DSO)

An IT system supports the organ donation processes for the German Organ Procurement Organization (DSO) and the partners involved in the donation process.
Einblicke in die Software der Deutschen Stiftung Organtransplantation.

Development of an IT system for the German Organ Procurement Organization

Around 8,400 seriously ill people across Germany are hoping for an organ transplant. The German Organ Procurement Organization - DSO for short - supports hospitals in post-mortem organ donation and coordinates the processes. In this context, it ensures that the donor organs find their way to the recipients as quickly as possible. In 2023, for example, 2,985 organs were transferred. This is a task that requires urgency and processes that need to be as efficient as possible. For this reason, the DSO commissioned our Accsonauts to develop a new IT system based on C# and .NET. It is intended to support and expand the existing processes with modern, easy-to-use input interfaces.

Three facts about organ donation

Speeding up organ donation with software: Networking with all care partners

In order for an organ to reach a suitable patient in a timely manner, a large number of well-coordinated medical and organizational steps must be taken and appropriate partners such as hospitals, transplant centers, medical laboratories and transport companies must be involved. An enormous amount of logistical and medical information is generated. This information is collected by different groups of people and centrally managed and processed by the software - which was developed as part of the collaboration with Accso.

“The design of the numerous user interfaces and the presentation of the complex information are the biggest tasks in the project. The processes must be designed with great flexibility for all parties.”Dr. Wulf OberschultePartner

A modern system for hospitals and laboratories

The Accso project team is developing modern and easy-to-use input interfaces based on C# and .NET in close cooperation with the user groups involved in the software. The new system allows different accesses for hospitals, transplant centers, laboratories, service partners and DSO employees. Furthermore, new messages and media accesses such as e-mail, SMS, micro-websites and decentralized recording of medical data in hospitals and laboratories are possible. This means that important information can be viewed directly by everyone involved.

Dr. Wulf Oberschulte

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