Software Engineering

Hanna Algedri

Hanna Algedri has been working as an Accsonaut since 2022, where she initially started as a working student. After completing her master's thesis on “Design and development of diversity training in virtual reality using a game-based learning approach” at Accso, she started her permanent position in October 2023.
Software Engineer

Hanna's interdisciplinary expertise sets her apart. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Media and Communication Informatics with a focus on IT Security and a Master's degree in Cognitive Science with a focus on Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence. Her academic foundation allows her to look at topics from different angles and solve complex problems creatively.

As a software engineer, Hanna has a special interest in IT security, virtual and augmented reality as well as project management. Her focus is on developing innovative and sustainable solutions. She combines technical know-how with insights from psychology and neuroscience to create unique approaches.

Hanna is also involved in the diversity working group and is part of the Industry 4.0 community as well as the IT security community. Through her interdisciplinary mindset, she helps to break down the boundaries between technology and people and promote innovative solutions.

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