27. May 2024

Accso International

More and more international companies are recognizing the enormous talent potential in Cape Town and the Western Cape province and are using it to drive their global expansion. This includes Accso, which opened a branch there in May 2022.
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WESGRO Interview mit Adam Wayland Accso International

Interview with Jürgen Artmann and Adam Wayland about Accso International

In this video, ACCSO founder Jürgen Artmann, along with Managing Director (South Africa) Adam Wayland, delve into the strategic reasons behind selecting Cape Town as a key location for the company's future growth. 

They discuss how the vibrant tech ecosystem in Cape Town, often referred to as #AfricasTechCapital, is set to significantly contribute to ACCSO's future growth and innovation.

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A look into the future

By establishing a new location in Cape Town, ACCSO is making a strong statement about the importance of internationalization and the strategic utilization of specialized talent. This move underscores the company's commitment to expanding its global footprint and harnessing the diverse skills available in various regions. 

This strategic expansion is not only a benefit for the company itself, but also for the technology landscape in Cape Town, which benefits from the presence and expertise of such a distinguished company.
This development promises to foster innovation, create new opportunities for collaboration, and elevate the city's status as a premier hub for technological advancement.

(The interview was conducted by WESGRO, cape town & western cape, tourism, trade & investment).

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