26. Jun 2024

AccsoTalk with Gabriel Opoku (Enterprise Agile Coach)

It is one of the most popular and most diffuse roles in the context of agile transformations: the agile coach. What exactly do these people do for organisations, teams and individuals? I had the opportunity to interview Gabriel Opoku about this at AccsoCon 2024.
Marc Riedinger, mit dunklem Oberteil, ernst in die Kamera blickend.


Marc Riedinger

20240621 Accso Talk Gabriel Opoku

Gabriel is an Enterprise Agile Coach from London. Similar to an Enterprise Architect, he has an overview of the entire organisation and advises management levels, teams and individuals. He also trains Agile Coaches, certified by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile).

In our interview, he explains:

  • What exactly Agile Coaching is and what skills profile it requires.
  • Why role clarity and a shared understanding are the basis for good collaboration.
  • How coaching techniques can be used to create a shared understanding.
  • Why all of this is also relevant for other roles, e.g. for business analysts or requirements engineers.

I hope this conversation can help bring clarity to this relevant and often misunderstood role. Enjoy watching!

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