09. Apr 2024

It's undeniable: AI is reshaping business as we know it. So how do you stay ahead?

By leveraging the latest in technology and innovation, says Dr. Harald Haller, Partner at Accso, a front-runner in integrating AI into consulting services. In this episode, Harald reveals how Accso utilizes AI, data analytics, and cloud computing to not only enhance its offerings, but also to solve complex client challenges. He touches on the practical applications of AI in consulting, emphasizing its impact on operational efficiency, strategic decision-making, and the creation of innovative solutions for clients.
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Karina Bauer

Podcast mit Dr Harald Haller

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You'll learn:

1. How Accso integrates AI into consulting services.

2. The impact of AI on consulting industry trends.

3. Strategies for consulting firms to effectively adopt AI.

4. The importance of digital transformation in consulting.

5. Accso's approach to solving complex client challenges with AI.

6. Key AI applications that are reshaping consulting services.

Inquiries about projects?

Get in Touch with Dr. Harald Haller: harald.haller@accso.de

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