14. Mar 2024

Women @ Accso – Julianna Katona

In our "Women @ Accso" series, Accsonauts introduce themselves and provide insights into their day-to-day work. Which projects are special to them? What are their technological focuses? Today with Managing Consultant Julianna Katona
Managing Consultant


Dr. Julianna Katona

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Who are you and what do you do at Accso?

My name is Julianna Katona and I have been working as a Business Analyst at Accso for 2 years now. My current project is with the Federal Office of Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA). The project is about reducing CO2 emissions in the building sector by promoting the energy-efficient refurbishment of existing buildings.

Tell us about your educational background

I studied mathematics and Latin. In my first job, I worked on a program for business process modeling and monitoring and did a lot of programming in Java. I came to Accso via various other positions and tasks ranging from team leader to time management. Here I felt at home in the team from the very first day of work.

What technologies do you use in your everyday life?

Documentation tools such as Confluence and Jira are the most important tools for my work as a business analyst. The visualization of processes as BPMN diagrams, especially with Camunda, has also proven to be helpful My focus is on acting as an intermediary between the business requirements and the technical implementation.

You have been involved in a project at BAFA since you joined Accso. What is special about the project for you?

I find it exciting to gain an insight into how political decisions are implemented and what practical consequences they have. It is important to me to make a contribution to a better world through my work.

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