13. Mar 2024

Women @ Accso – Nomfundo Zondi

In our "Women @ Accso" series, colleagues introduce themselves and provide insights into their day-to-day work. Which projects are special to them? What are their technological focuses? Today with Software Engineer Nomfundo Zondi
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Nomfundo Zondi

20240312 Women Nomfundo

Who are you?

I am Nomfundo Zondi, a dedicated professional with a Bachelor of Commerce in Information and Technology Management. I´m deeply committed to utilizing technology to drive innovation and create positive societal impact. At Accso, I serve as a junior software engineer focusing on backend development using the .NET framework.

What is your qualification?

With a background in data engineering within the financial service sector, I bring a unique perspective to my work, blending technical expertise with an understanding of business needs.

What ist your technical focus in the project?

My current technical focus involves leveraging the power of .NET to build robust and scalable backend solutions. I enjoy working on projects that require intricate data management and processing capabilities. 

What is your highlight project at Accso?

One of my highlight projects at Accso is an internal initiative aimed at empowering farmers through technology. This project involves developing a platform that provides farmers with valuable insights and data-driven recommendations to enhance their decision-making process. By harnessing technology, we aim to revolutionize farming practices and contribute to the agricultural sector's growth and sustainability. 



We take responsibility in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Many of our customer projects are already demonstrating what we do best: doing good with software.
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