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bol Systemhaus GmbH

From support in the design and programming of a customer portal to a long-term partnership.
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    bol Systemhaus GmbH is a software manufacturer in the field of forms management. With its products, it is very successfully established in its market segment - public authorities and organizations.

    Resources and Expertise For End Customers

    With this success, bol reached a bottleneck in 2020: Their largest customer at the time needed a customer portal that would provide users with an overview of all submitted application forms. And as quickly as possible. Due to limited human resources and a lack of expertise in the development of such applications, bol needed support.

    A new customer portal as the starting signal for an extensive collaboration

    This is where Accso came into play: Within three months, a three-person team designed and implemented the customer portal, including the necessary interfaces to the bol applications as well as the customer systems. Like other bol applications, the whole thing is operated in the AWS cloud. And that was just the beginning of the collaboration.

    Since the completion of this first project phase, many other services have been added:

    Together with bol, we have taken test automation to a new level, analyzed and fixed security vulnerabilities, further automated DevOps processes and also pushed ahead with the modernization of the product range, from UX-based redesign of the user interface to refactoring the code base.

    A larger team from bol and Accso is currently working on making complex forms accessible and integrating user accounts as part of the Online Access Act (OZG), such as ELSTER and BundID.

    Martin Fritz Raute
    "bol quickly realized that the software engineering expertise of Accso employees could also be used profitably in other areas for which bol had never had the time and/or sufficient know-how before."Dr. Martin Fritz
    Martin Fritz Raute

    A long-term partnership for a successful overall solution

    The bol system house is full of praise for the collaboration with Accso: "We have now realized that the combination of our strengths – bol has a strong and established product, Accso can integrate it and build individual components for it – also offers an attractive proposition beyond the context of this individual customer. We are now working together as partners for several other customers and are expanding the bol product range to include the components that the customer needs for a functioning overall solution."

    Dr. Martin Fritz

    Martin Fritz Raute