13. Mar 2024

Women @ Accso – Nicole Heinze

In our "Women @ Accso" series, female colleagues introduce themselves and provide insights into their day-to-day work. Which projects are special to them? What are their technological focuses? Today Managing Consultant Nicole Heinze
Managing Consultant


Nicole Heinze

20240312 Women Nicole

Who are you and what do you stand for at Accso?

I'm Nicole, I've been with Accso for 7 years and work in Munich. Most of the time I was a backend developer, but I also do business analysis and in my last project I took on project management responsibility for the first time. Within Accso, I am mainly responsible for the younger colleagues and graduates and I am actively involved in the diversity and CSR network.

What did you study?

I did my bachelor's degree in communications technology at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences, which was a major in applied computer science. I learned to love programming and then did my Master's in Computer Engineering in Cologne. That's where I got to know Accso after graduating and I've stayed with them ever since.

What is your technological focus?

Over the last 7 years at Accso, I have worked on a wide variety of projects, primarily in backend development with Java. I particularly enjoy developing complex solutions while keeping an overview with a clean architecture and clean code. I also developed a fondness for graph databases not so long ago, even though they certainly don't make sense in every project context. My first .NET project is probably coming soon. I also had this at university and am looking forward to the chance to develop further here too.

Which Accso project was most special for you?

I have very positive memories of two projects. When I started, we launched a project at BMW in which we jointly developed complex software. What was special about this was that we worked together across locations. This was not necessarily common before corona due to travel times. What I liked about my last project was that we worked together with our colleagues from Cape Town and despite the distance, the vibe was just right. It involved a completely new development with new technologies, which is of course always very exciting. Apart from the projects, I think it's cool that you can - if you want to - really drive things forward in the company, but nobody is forced to do so. People who just want to code can also just code.

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